Expansion Always in All Ways

Despite his young age, Fahrim has founded 11 companies, priced by Entrepreneurs Sweden as one of 101 most talented entrepreneurs in Sweden 2017, UF Alumni of the Year and Skapa Priset  in memory of Alfred Nobel 2018. His companies have received awards such as Most Inspirational Startup Company, Newcomer of the Year and Innovation of the Year.

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Fahrim has worked in a number of different industries, where his latest project was to build Sweden's highest-placed SPA department at a height of 80 meters over the city.

He has made 2 exits and worked with marketing issues with companies such as Stadium, Unibail Rodamco Westfield, Hälla Shopping, NOCCO and Kappahl. He has a great passion for UX and UI design, sales, marketing, charity and business development.


Motto: "Expansion, Always, In All Ways".


We all love stats -

so here is some stats over the past 8 years

Cups of coffee

5 760



Hours of work

26 880 h




Contracts sign

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Keynote speaking-Workshop:

Marketing with no money.

There is over 300 million brands in the world and for each day that amount increases, leaving the startup companies with a big marketing challenge. In my lecture we will cover the ins and outs of the free marketing world. In the end of the lecture you will get some key tools you need to start structuring your marketing needs.

Keynote speaking:

3H Model - Humble. Hungry. Hunter.

This is not your typical motivational lecture. Follow me on my journey from sleeping in the office to being the founder of over 11 companies, the mistakes I made and the stories I witnessed. You will get the full knowledge of the 3H model of entrepreneurship - being humbly hungry and always knowing when to hunt.   I mind-blowing stories about a ordinary bullied guy from Azerbaijan with big international goals.   


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"Not afraid to tell it how I see it"

Not afraid to tell it how he sees it, Fahrim is a thought-provoking and entertaining practitioner rooted in the notion of marketing in the year we live in and betting on one’s strengths to ensure a path to success and happiness. Fahrim will leave your audience entertained, motivated, and begging for more. 


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